Russianeuropean laika ze Staré Moravy

Russianeuropean laika ze Staré Moravy

Russianeuropean laika Irtyš ze Staré Moravy


Russianeuropean laika Irtyš ze Staré Moravy


Sire: Russkiy Patriot Vasko (RUS)
Dam: Serri (import Russia)
Pedigree: original
Height: 55 cm
Teeth: all teeth, scissors bite

Shows: Excellent, 2x CAC, Club Winner 2022

Hunting tests: HZ - 1st prize CACT & Diviačiar, BZH - 1st prize, ZVVZ - 1st prize

Irtyš is our own breeding by Serri and Vasko Russkiy Patriot. His sire comes from Russia, but lives in Poland and although we have our own stud, we decided to go to Poland to have a new line. Vasko is an ordinary dog in expetrior a bit smaller but compact and flawless. However he proves extraordinary qualities while working. You can not see such highquality work with wild boars as Vasko can perform and that is what decided.

Irtyš caught my attention right after he was born, even though his brother Impuls is better in exterior and they are similar in colour. Irtyš has extraordinary speed of work. His body frame and excellent nose put him among the best dogs I ever worked with. He works with low and high nose as well, uses wind and streams and evaluetes both very well. He is vigorous with deers and pigs and also goes into a contact in particular situations.

He is calm during individual hunting, does not bark or squeak and all I have to do is to watch him and he shows me from which place the game will run out off. Together we already shot down several deers in forest from 80m distance. He has a good orientation and has a good will to cooperate with other northeners. He also gives voice when a game comes to a sight, which is not very common for his breed. The very first hunting season is behind us, we keep going with individual hunting and I am very satisfied. I am looking forward to the next hunting season and I hope for positive surprise.

Russkiy Patriot Vasko

PD I. cena
KPT III.cena


FT wild boar
FT bear
FT badger




FT - bear, wild boar, badger, polecat




7x BOB
Národní Vítěz
Šampion práce, CACT
ZVVZ, ZH, BZH - I. cena


FT - bear, elk, wold boar, squirell




FT - bear, wild boar, BL.TR, duck, squirell




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