Westsiberian laika and peruvian hairless dog - kennel Anika Vevos

Westsiberian laika and peruvian hairless dog - kennel Anika Vevos

Westsiberian laika and peruvian hairless dog - kennel Anika Vevos - Links

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There are a lot of discussions about origin of Peruvian hailess dogs. Some experts say that this breed was imported to Peru in time of chinese imigration, shortly after peruvian president Don Ramń Castilla declared the act of abrogation slavery of black people. Other experts say that breed comes from african continent and was imported to Peru by Nomads, who got to Africa with their hairless dogs. Next possibility is that breed came with human through Berings sound from Asia to America.
Now there are not only speculations but even some proofs. Archeological discovery shew that dog had been companions of Indians already in ancient incaics time. Incans treasured very much these dogs, because they were burried together with their masters. Incaics aristocracy had them as pets in their homes. Such dogs lived in rooms for planting orchids. Skin was sensitive to sunrays and that’s why they were sleeping indoor during the day. At night they were free to bummel in moon‘s shine. Hairless dogs were treasured also for their healing abilities.
The origin name of the breed – Inca Orchid Moonflower dog – was in 1987 changed for Perro sin pelo del Peru – Peruvian hairless dog. In 1994 the breed was reclassified from 9th FCI group /companions / to 5th group /primitive type/.
The first litter of peruvian hairless dog in that time Czechoslovakia was born in the kennel „Z Neustejna“ on 5th Marz 1981 of Mudr. Pacltova. Parrents were brother Balduin and sister Bisutuna, who were imported from berlin zoo. Two puppies of this litter were born coated and didn’t get any pedigree. Next three, male Atres and females Alhara and Alivra, were registered. With this litter breeding of peruvian hairless dogs in the Czech republic started.

Peruvian hairless dog is an elegant and slim dog. Its appereance represents speed, power and harmony. It musn’t savour rough. It is a dog of noble character well dedicated to its family, which it loves the most. It is reserved to strangers, but is it never too much affraid or aggressive. It is a breed that belongs inside the house, never to a pen.

It appears in three sizes:
Pequeno: 25 – 40 cm
Medio: 40 – 50 cm
Grande: 50 – 65 cm

Peruánský naháč malý, střední a velký
Grande, Medio, Pequeno

Its charasteristic is absent of hair all over the body. Skin on whole body is smooth and flexible, on touch very pleasing and warm. They are also very original with colouring – it can be any, in any conbinations of any placing. Next speciality is almost always incomplete bite.

Hairless dogs are very healthy and they are not sensitive connatural, as it could seem to be. Dress is used only when the weather is very bad. In summer you have to protect the skin with sun lotion.

Allergics often keep hairless dogs – it is the only possibility to have a dog. Allergy is not always caused by hairs, but even by slaver, moisture of breath, piss and scurf. That is why you have to always try reactions on a dog without exception. It happend many times that allergics had to give a puppy back because of negativ reactions. It is of course not good for a puppy.

As well as other hairless dogs, peruvians also give some coated puppies. It is about 25% of all puppies. Coated puppies did’t use to get any pedigree, in 1996 big change came and since that year these puppies were registered. Since 1999 coated dogs can enter club shows and become stud male or breeding bitch. Next change came in 2005. Since this year no one of coated variety can be used for breeding, because the origin country, Peru, doesn’t admit of coated variety. Puppies are registered with note „not standard“. Some of european countries use coated varieties since now for breeding. There are many colours of coated variety – white, black, brown, tricolor,brindled. I think, that everyone can choose. These dogs are suitable for everyone, who needs companion.


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