Westsiberian laika and peruvian hairless dog - kennel Anika Vevos

Westsiberian laika and peruvian hairless dog - kennel Anika Vevos

Westsiberian laika Gerda Sava Giria

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Gerda Sava Giria Westsiberian laika


Sire: Tayfun
Dam: Kara
Teeth: complete dentition, scissor bite

Shows: Excellent
Hunting tests: HZ 2nd prize, BZH 2nd prize, ZVVZ 2nd prize

Gerda Sava Giria also called "Bellisa" was imported to Slovakia from Lithuania by my friend. Unfortunately these two did not find a way to each other and her jurney ended with us. Right after her arrival Gerda got a condition from my husband. Within three months she has to prove at least half of skills her parents have, otherwise we need to look for a new home for her. Her pedigree is extraordinary - her father is currently #2 of the breed in Russia. We did't have any nice reference from her previous owner ragerding her, but she found a way to our lifes very fast and she is giving back. We have Gerda since September 2002 and she already passed three hunting tests, all in 2nd prize but that is due to unposlished lie down, but she is deffinately the best best bitch for a work in a forest that we ever had in our kennels. She has great cast, stress, endurance and she stays with her quarry for many hours. She is calm on ground scent and she works very precisely with low nose. Right now we have excellent condition for hunting of deer and wild boar and so Bellisa's potential can rise freely and hopefully she will also influence breeding in our country.


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