Westsiberian laika and peruvian hairless dog - kennel Anika Vevos

Westsiberian laika and peruvian hairless dog - kennel Anika Vevos

peruvian hairless Ch.Intichimpu Capac Cuna

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Ch.Intichimpu Capac peruvian hairless

28.2.2007 - 11.5.2018

Sire: Dandy Capac Cuna (Capac x Chama)
Dam: Caral Capac Cuna (Capac x Cusi Cusi)

Teeth: scissor bite
Height: 45 cm
Stud male

Health tests:
luxace patella: 0/0
Eye test for genetical deseases: clinical clear

Breeder: Claudia Galvez Ramirez, PERU

Titles: World Winner 2009, Slovakian Champion, Czech Grand champion, Czech Junior champion, Polish Junior Champion, Czech Champion, Club Champion, Grand Prix Slovakia Winner 2008, Club winner, Prague winner

On 15th September, after half year of waiting, two males from Peru came flying - Huando and Intichimpu Capac Cuna. I am glad one of these treasures is mine. The males are coming from two not relative litters. Owner of Huando is Lucie Pikalova, kennel Luramion.
Intichimpu - means "sun shine", we call him Zany and he is our sweety:-) Zany has rare colour - coppery with spots. At home he plays the most with Carte, they have understanding for each other. He is very live and quick. Zany is a big contribution for our breeding.

WDS Bratislava 8.10.2009
Exc.1 CAC, CACIB, World Winner

IDS Mladá Boleslav 31.8.2009

Zany and Jashu
Svojanov 2009

Zany - Svojanov 2009

NDS Mladá Boleslav 2009
CAC, National winner, BOB

IDS Brno 8.2.2008 - Exc.1 CAC, CACIB

CS Praha 15.11.08 - Exc.1 CAC, Club Winner, BOB

31.8.2008 - IDS Mladá Boleslav

NDS Senec - Exc.1 CAC, BOB

IDS Litoměřice - Exc.1, CAJC

Success of boys from Peru

Zany and Carte

I am sleeping

first snow

Zany and Zuzanka

4 - 5 months

The very first photo together, at airport

3 months

2 months

1 month


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